Dexterity requirements for gear need to be met as well. +15-20 To Strength (varies), Defense: 129 – 149 15% Deadly Strike Repairs 1 Durability Every 10 Seconds If she stands still, she can predict incoming missile attacks and elude them before they reach her. • Magi, • Mana • Mana Shield, • Nova Slowed Meteors from Dark Lords are quite amusing, since the casting animation works like normal, but the rocks don't fall for quite a while. 30-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies), Defense: 125 – 158 Lore:Amazons derive another benefit while learning to fight in the rainforests of their homeland. Required Level: 1 5-9% Life Stolen per Hit (varies) Minimum Strength: 114 +400-600 Defense (varies) Synergies: None. +10% to Maximum Lightning Resist • Inferno Durability: 30 Minimum Strength: 50

Slow Missile does not affect the casting or firing speed of the Hydras cast by the High Council. Like a Bowazon, put points in Strength until you can equip your desired gear and weapons.

Attacker Takes Damage of 5 Required Level: 24 A Fendazon is a melee oriented build on a DPS class; this means maximizing damage is key to the build. +2 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only), 1H Damage: (75-89) to (98-1151) • Warp, Diablo III: +20 to Dexterity +2 To Mana After Each Kill What about Valkyrie? Prerequisites: Dodge Durability: 40 5-7% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies) • Magic Arrow• Fire Arrow• Cold Arrow• Multiple Shot• Exploding Arrow, • Ice Arrow• Guided Arrow• Immolation Arrow• Strafe• Freezing Arrow, • Jab• Power Strike• Poison Javelin• Impale• Lightning Bolt, • Charged Strike• Plague Javelin• Fend• Lightning Strike• Lightning Fury, • Inner Sight• Critical Strike• Dodge• Slow Missiles• Avoid, • Penetrate• Decoy• Evade• Valkyrie• Pierce, • Sword Mastery• Axe Mastery• Mace Mastery• Polearm Mastery• Throwing Mastery, • Spear Mastery• Increased Stamina• Iron Skin• Increased Speed• Natural Resistance, • Bash• Leap• Double Swing• Stun• Double Throw, • Leap Attack• Concentrate• Frenzy• Whirlwind• Berserk, • Howl• Find Potion• Taunt• Shout• Find Item, • Battle Cry• Battle Orders• Grim Ward• War Cry• Battle Command, • Amplify Damage• Dim Vision• Weaken• Iron Maiden• Terror, • Confuse• Life Tap• Attract• Decrepify• Lower Resist, • Teeth• Bone Armor• Poison Dagger• Corpse Explosion• Bone Wall, • Poison Explosion• Bone Spear• Bone Prison• Poison Nova• Bone Spirit, • Raise Skeleton• Skeleton Mastery• Clay Golem• Golem Mastery• Raise Skeletal Mage, • Blood Golem• Summon Resist• Iron Golem• Fire Golem• Revive, • Sacrifice• Smite• Holy Bolt• Zeal• Charge, • Vengeance• Blessed Hammer• Conversion• Holy Shield• Fist of the Heavens, • Prayer• Resist Fire• Resist Cold• Resist Lightning• Defiance, • Cleansing• Vigor• Meditation• Redemption• Salvation, • Might• Holy Fire• Thorns• Blessed Aim• Concentration, • Holy Freeze• Holy Shock• Sanctuary• Fanaticism• Conviction, • Ice Bolt• Frozen Armor• Frost Nova• Ice Blast• Shiver Armor, • Glacial Spike• Blizzard• Chilling Armor• Frozen Orb• Cold Mastery, • Fire Bolt• Warmth• Inferno• Blaze• Fireball, • Fire Wall• Enchant• Meteor• Fire Mastery• Hydra, • Charged Bolt• Telekinesis• Static Field• Lightning• Nova, • Chain Lightning• Teleport• Thunder Storm• Energy Shield• Lightning Mastery, • Tiger Strike• Dragon Talon• Dragon Claw• Fists of Fire• Cobra Strike, • Dragon Tail• Claws of Thunder• Blades of Ice• Dragon Flight• Phoenix Strike, • Claw Mastery• Psychic Hammer• Burst of Speed• Cloak of Shadows• Weapon Block, • Fade• Shadow Warrior• Mind Blast• Venom• Shadow Master, • Fire Blast• Shock Web• Blade Sentinel• Charged Bolt Sentry• Wake of Fire, • Blade Fury• Lightning Sentry• Wake of Inferno• Death Sentry• Blade Shield, • Firestorm• Molten Boulder• Arctic Blast• Fissure• Cyclone Armor, • Twister• Volcano• Tornado• Hurricane• Armageddon, • Werewolf• Lycanthropy• Werebear• Maul• Feral Rage, • Fire Claws• Rabies• Shock Wave• Hunger• Fury, • Raven• Poison Creeper• Oak Sage• Summon Spirit Wolf• Carrion Vine, • Heart of Wolverine• Summon Dire Wolf• Solar Creeper• Spirit of Barbs• Summon Grizzly, • Apocalypse 8% Chance to Cast Level 6 Iron Maiden When Struck, Defense: 1322 – 1502 The build has its drawbacks revolving animations, damage, and the Valkyrie. • Fireball, • Firebolt 8% Life Stolen Per Hit Valkyries regenerate health at a good rate. Once she starts the animation for Fend, because she’s surrounded and stopped moving, the monsters all attack her at once. The best amazon build is a Lightning Javazon. Level Requirement: 34, +120% Enhanced Defense Melee Range: 5 Level 5 Oak Sage (27 Charges), 10% Chance to Cast Level 10 Poison Nova When Struck • Charged Bolt Minimum Dexterity: 98 If I choose to use Valkyrie, I'm only planning on putting 1 point into it. Durability: 14

Minimum Dexterity: 134 Required Level: 12 Adds 25-50 Damage

Synergies: None. Vitality is where all the rest of your points will go. Repairs 1 Durability Every 20 Seconds • Healer Passive skills to focus on should be ones that don’t interfere with Fend: Skills like Critical Strike and Penetrate. Kick Damage: 8 – 16 Where Javazon meets Spearazon, using the signature D2 skill ‘Fend’. Replenishes 1 Quantity Every 3 Seconds, 3 Socket Body Armor While trying to start another animation for Fend, she dodges again, freezing her animation, no damage again, she explodes as the monsters tear her limb from limb. Current gear gives +15 to my Passive/Magic skills before CTA and I'm pretty sure that I won't be changing my gear anytime soon. (+0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On Character Level) Potion Slots: 16 Attack Speed: [10] Kick Damage: 37 – 64 This brutal barbarian build cripples his enemies and crushes them with synergized attacks. • Wizard, Other classes: Adds 1-511 Lightning Damage A warrior skilled in Dodge and Avoid may eventually learn this additional ability. They can be used. Durability: 25 Secondly, Javelin and shield Fendazons sacrifice the damage for survivability. 30% Increased Attack Speed Level Requirement: 65, +250-320 Defense (varies) Minimum Strength: 88 +325 Poison Damage Over 10 Seconds Minimum Strength: 107 Replenish Life +7 Lore: Synergies: None. • Active skills

Durability: 28 Decoys will take a step or seem to stumble if hit repeatedly. +150-200% Enhanced Defense (varies) Prerequisites: None Durability: 40 Jah + Ith + Ber • Flash

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