Oh I just want to say that this build is absolutely amazing. Be careful not to reflect any of Cairn's projectiles. Conjured Amalgamate itself does not have a stolen skill, however its adds do. This page was last edited on 28 July 2020, at 15:56. Guild Wars 2 Achievements and Guides! The Official API is experiencing issues; skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment.

Trickery – this is a staple trait line that I would be crazy not to pick. DH are sitting ducks using longbow and traps but once I’ve dismantled their set-up, they drop really fast. So here is my current PvE build: Speedy Jumper.

Another change is dropping Signet of Shadows and Distracting daggers for Impairing Dagger and Fist Flurry.

GW2. Very good DPS, especially on any encounter where Throw Magnetic Bomb can be acquired. Shadowstep- alternative stun break that grants mobility and condition cleans… A lot of Tempest has this cookie-cutter build so they are as easily dealt with. It's hard to lose DPS with a build that auto-attacks and doesn't lose much damage when it dodges. What I found out during my runs is that, UA is easily dealt with. CS brings a lot of Ferocity and access to Fury, which synergizes with Thrill of the Crime, that in my opinion weighs more than the damage that DA can provide. You have lots and lots of dodges with this build. However, Lotus Training also deals movement impairing conditions which is a big plus in PvE. Staff is Thief's best weapon for open world, having a ridiculous amount of cleave and and really good damage on Vault which also has an evade. Signet of Shadows – a non-combat utility skill that should be switched to whatever the situation demands. One of the best soloing builds in GW2, this build packs high AoE damage for farming, insane survivability through lifesteal, and tons of dodges for soloing difficult content like champions and even raid bosses.

This build and guide is top notch. I play this in open world and can only recommend it.

On other stationary bosses you might want to rotate your camera 180° every single time you dodge through them, so you maintain flanking by dodging on either side of the boss. GW2 – Thief – Daredevil Builds (Updated) Author: Enzovic Published Date: :2015:11:20: Leave a Comment on GW2 – Thief – Daredevil Builds (Updated) Three months ago I’ve created a build based on the BWE scenarios that can be found here. Don't be afraid to swap Bandit Defense for something else. A great way to go through individual small encounters very quickly is to do the following: Start dodge far from enemy -> Steal mid-dodge to teleport to the enemy -> Fist Flurry -> Palm Strike -> Haste -> staff 2/1. This build (trickery variant) is nearly as effective as my minion necro at soloing champs. Excellent DPS, very easy to play, extra dodges and skill-evade makes surviving better, excellent mobility. Any ascended food is superior to any other food you could use. Firebrand nat…, My main is guard and i never found a good build fo…. Also very useful on Xera for shards.

Personally, I'd suggest Staff for raids for 2 reasons: on-demand mobility via Vault (superb on Sab), and it's potential for higher +% dmg modifier than daggers because of Staff Master. and Bandit's Defense I've had fairly little trouble completing most things. Overall, it worked perfectly, until things went bad and I was unable to keep myself healed without having the healer focus on me. This is a work in progress. Your email address will not be published.

560 Vitality.

Shortbow can be used for mobility such as getting to green circles on Dhuum.

Here you would have to dodge to the side or stand at the side of her so dodging through her will land you on the other side of her which is safe. Your email address will not be published.

Steak for power, flatbread for conditions.

It is capable of completing even extremely difficult content on its own and can be quickly adjusted to become one of the best tagging builds in the game.

Though there is a DPS tradeoff, I use Scoop of Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream as the food to have even more survivability.

If you're caught without any endurance you can press, You have a massive amount of healing from, Stealth is one of the most useful tools available to Thieves.

I use the trickery variant because I'm used to having the extra initiative.

The Official API is experiencing issues; skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment. Can't find such food "Scoop of Mint Berry Swirl Ice Cream"! Let’s take a look. GuildJen is a humble website dedicated to the GW2 community. Be careful not to leave yourself without enough endurance to dodge major attacks - downstate is the biggest DPS loss of them all! Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. Switched out the channelled vigor with Signet of Malice for the heals on strike, and used staff and S/P. They practically both deals AoE damage but the big difference is the radius of the effect.

With recent changes to AA damage, Initiative can be used for Utility or burst (how it should be IMO). This is THE Thief open world build to top all others. Leap into an area, and deliver a massive blow to enemies. [&DQUcPSMbBzkMAQAAVAEAADMBAACwEgAADgEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]. Incredibly broken on Mursaat Overseer and Matthias thanks to the Detonate Plasma stolen skill. Theoretical DPS is lower then that of the Tempest, but the rotation/build is ridiculously forgiving. Good examples of this happening are Deimos during Mind Crush, Dhuum during Greater Death Mark, and Samarog immediately after split phase. If you get a dodge bar mid-chain, you can dodge and then finish the chain after you land, before using, Always flank the boss to get the +7% critical chance bonus from. Cairn's projectiles only spawn at the edge of the circle drawn around him on the platform, so if you are stacked very closely on Cairn, you can avoid reflecting projectiles. Our curator decided this build is in the current metagame regardless of rating. Dragonhunter is a bit of a challenge but once I get into melee range, DB will both apply conditions, heal, and cleanse. vs. Reaper This build is still a work in progress so I’ll continue to adjust this over time.

I run with Deadly Arts and the squishier full Berserker and Scholar runes but with access to so many evades (as noted, don't forget skills 3 & 5 are ones also!) Even if they did change this from 10s to 15s cooldown, it is still the shortest cooldown for a stun break we get. Daredevil – it should be obvious why I’ve chosen these traits. Do not get lured by the big numbers you see when using Vault, it has higher DPS than attacks 1 and 2 only if you can actually hit 5 enemies. The cleave comes in the form of the Staff auto attack chain, and .

Very good build and a worthy addition to any Raid team. Then before engaging, switching to Bound dodge gives a lot of damage boosts during combat. This allows you to perform the next signet burst with max initiative. Higher DPS in some situations. Deal a heavy blow with your fist, sending enemies.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Used a variation of this for tanking last night. The variants are mostly quick switches of one or two skills rather than complete weapon, utility, or trait line changeups, so it's easy to switch them on the fly to adjust to anticipated fights. Overview. Moreso than Deadeye, as you have to Bound around to maintain Bounding Dodger and on encounters where you can fall off the or there are instant death mechanics, be very careful.

Critical Strikes – why CS and not Acro or DA? Dash D/P Daredevil Roaming Build. Please note that this build does not quite cover permanent Resistance.You will have ~ 1.5 seconds of down time. Fractals of the Mists – The Complete Guide, Skimmer Mastery Collection Guide – Finding Sibaha. For these cases you may want to walk back slightly while autoattacking so that you don't miss the damage from your dodge or end up being at an awkward distance from the boss (especially if the boss moves occasionally). The dash daredevil is the highest mobility build in the game. thanks for this amazing build mate! The rotations given are spot on and simple to maintain. It follows the same rotation as Power Daredevil, just with the added bonus of Detonate Plasma..

Please refer to our, This build is pretty easy to deal damage with, just use. So using this build allowed me to purposely trigger their traps and use the ticks from the traps to trigger evades for cleanse. I’ve never seen a Rev take Ventari or Staff and because of this, they are succeptible from condition damage. The endurance refill would allow me to have a longer staying power since I wouldn’t have to heal as often.

You can precast Basilisk Venom before the Apocalypse Bringer appears. Comme je l'ai dit plus haut, suffit de sortir à 2 ou 3 personnes (puisque de toute façon ton build n'est pas adapté au roaming) et la daredevil ne te touchera pas.

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