As far as the police is concerned, you are an underworld hitman who has jumped bail. Dawood and Tiger have a long association.

As per the charge-sheet, the accused in the case were Rohit Sharma, Joseph John D'souza, Sunil Malgorkar, Bunty Pandey and Ejaz Lakdawala. The assailants shot him seven times, but as the incident took place near a hospital, Lakdawala got medical help immediately and survived the attack, the official said. Chhota Ra j a n played a prominent role in wiping out the Pathans, and followin lent death in Septembe with Dawood was cem, The two finally pa later in 1993. A . Not that I am part of the underworld but that I associated with a man like Dawood. I would also have put my own men on the job. ccording to estimates, you make veral crores through contract kil-gs, property business and pro t ects money. Ye t there is no certainty that Chhota Rajan will succeed in dethroning his former boss. East West Airlines is, in fa c t , owned by Dawood. In 1987, he was held for robbery by Dongri police here and sent to a children's home. East West has plans to have code-sharing agreements with a number of leading airlines, including regional airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways and Gulf Air. Perhaps Dawood suspected that. Wahid hailed from Edava near Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram district.

Just as Dawood benefited in the '80s from selective police action which helped de -stroy his rivals, in the '90s Chhota Rajan and Gawli can make the most of the fact that Dawood, after being implicated in the bomb blast conspiracy, is already weakened.

A relative of the Dewans whe n contacted said that the bro t h e rs we re abroad and there was no fo r wa rding ad -dress or telephone number. A collage of Thakiyudeen Abdul Wahid and a graphical representation of an East-West Airlines flight | Malayala Manorama The Mumbai Police has got a price catch on Wednesday, with which it hopes to crack the murder of a Keralite aviation entrepreneur by the underworld a quarter-century ago. He stayed i to four days at Chhot close aide of Dawoo where Dawood used and meet him. On November 13, 1995, Thakiyudeen Abdul Wahid, managing director of East West Airlines, was about to go home after a regular day at work. I will stop only after I have finished Dawood and Tiger Memon and I have set a target of a year for myself to accomplish that. The police believe that you smuggle narcotics.

All our actions and activities are coordinated, for we are now working together. So what? It is not me alone but Arun Gawli too, for we have joined hands and together are more powerful even in Bombay. Yes, and that is the only regret I have. You must be using the same tactics-building contacts in police and political circles. Apart from killings, what are your other activities? Dawood, in fact, is under pressure. A few years ago he was believed to be somewhere in North America, though he visited South East Asia often. He came in contact with Rajan's close aide Kashi Pashi, who was in the cable business. Image is as impor -tant as mu s cl e i n th e underwo rld and a w ee k ly q ueered the pitch for Chhota Ra -j a n's new - found national notoriety by pub -lishing an interview with an unidentified D awo od "aide" who claimed tha t it cou ld also be their hand i wo rk.

I called him once to wish him on his birthday (December 26). This wa s what the Bombay Police believe d all along anyway, somethi ng wh i ch t he y s ay was c onf ir med l ast fo r t n i g h t when t hey ar reste d su spe c t Jo s e ph Joh n D'Souza. It was important to kill Wahid for that was another way of red uci ng Dawood's power. Q. Why ould I offer myself to them when I w that they must also b e in search Tie? With the arrest of fugitive gangster Ejaz Lakdawala—wanted in connection with several cases of extortion, attempt to murder and rioting—police hope to solve the mystery over the murder of Thakiyudeen Abdul Wahid on November 13, 1995. Excerpts: A.

He betrayed both me and the nation. Differences had crept in after the killing of my three associates and I was not part of the many closed-door meetings in which Tiger Memon and Dawood were together. You can weaken him by surrendering and cooperating with the pol ice... A. I don't trust the Government because a lot of them are mixed up. after Dawood's name was included in th charge-sheet filed by lowing the serial bom Rajan decided to take o. So it is true that sort of a communal di/ underworld? Q. East-West Airlines, which commenced services in 1992, shut down in 1996 after his murder. A Red Corner Notice seeking help from the agencies in other countries to nab him had been issued against him. He left his family behind in Patiala and moved to Delhi in the late 1960s to work in a travel agency floated by Das. KOCHI: The NIA has said in the NIA court that they have got the evidence, MUMBAI: Security has been beefed up at Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray's residence, Matoshree, on, NEW DELHI: Pakistan on Saturday included the name of Dawood Ibrahim in a list of, New Delhi, Jun 5 (Agencies): Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his wife have tested positive, MUMBAI: Gangster Ejaz Lakdawala, wanted in several cases of extortion and attempt to murder, has, MUMBAI: A man from Dongri in Mumbai was detained for allegedly threatening a journalist who, NEW DELHI: India's most wanted don Dawood Ibrahim has been meticulously avoiding using any phone, NEW DELHI: Jaish-e-Mohammed head Masood Azhar, Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Hafiz Saeed, underworld terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and, The intelligence agencies, who got hold of these pictures, said the photos were taken when, 'Congress must apologise': Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on Pak leader's Pulwama boast, 'Ram Naam Satya' journey will start, Yogi Adityanath warns on 'love jihad', ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ owner accuses YouTuber of misappropriation of funds, ‘Vote for the hand, vote for Cong...’: BJP’s Jyotiraditya Scindia makes slip of tongue at MP rally, 90-year-old lady raped during Durga Puja in Tripura, accused absconding, Annoyed by her cries, father strangles 4-yr-old daughter to death, Anti-Ship missile fired by INS Kora hits target with precise accuracy in Bay of Bengal, Army doctors achieve new feat, successfully remove soldier's appendix at 16,000 feet, BJP’s idea to create Hindutva version of Pakistan not the idea of ‘India’: Shashi Tharoor in his new book, Central Committee approves CPM-Congress alliance in Bengal, Online Queries call Deepu Sasidharan, + 91 98472 38959, Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibitted. So killings are okay if the aim is settling personal scores? His daughter was arrested in the same case. Several times. Chembur and Ghatkopar were under the control of one of Va rd a ra j a n's lieu tenants, Rajan Nair, a fo rmer fa c t o r y wo rke r. Nikhalje drifted into petty crime and was soon black marketing cinema tick ets for the gang of 'Bada Rajan', as Nair was known. In the last few years, he targeted builders in Mumbai for extortion, the official said. The timing of the bl o o dy campaign l a un ched by the Chhota Ra j an and Gawli gangs to break Dawood's decade-long s t ra ngle hold over the city's crime sy ndi -cates couldn't be better. If I am in hiding, it is only because I have an unfinished agenda. That number has obviously changed but I know from my sources that he is still there. Q. In fact, I am making the police's job easier and am doing the country a good turn by getting rid of those who conspired to destabilise it. R ivalry apart, Chhota Rajan also reit -e rates accused Dawood hitman Babl o o S rivastava's charge that controversial god -man Chandraswami came to Dubai to meet Dawood. It was early 1994 when I had the opportunity to interview Thakiyudeen Wahid. Q. There was also talk of la nd i ngs in my presence. I don't want that money. Two people who had been accused by the police in the beginning of the case were exonerated in 1998. Chandra swami: "His predictions for my future were a 11 wrong," says Chhota Rajan. I am not interested in destabilising the country through blasts and provoking communal riots. A. The ay I get him, I will come back to In-and surrender.

Later, because of the company I kept, I became involved with the underworld. All I want to say is we will provide protectio touch Thackeray saab. In fact, repared to take him on face to face. D awood has esta blishe d an d earned for himself the title of don.

Q. His residence was about 1km away. As he called and threatened builders in Mumbai, seeking protection money with impunity, the police were trying to hunt him down for the last many years. During an interview with a weekly in 1996, Rajan had confirmed the words of D'souza. A he had given his bro pass po rt which cam newed. Sawant wa s Dawo od's main hitman and we got him despite all his security guards. Wahid was the managing director of East-West Airlines, the first private scheduled airline to begin service after liberalisation. Q. A . Because at that time (March 1993) I was in Dubai and Dawood was in Karachi. Not in my mind.

But he managed to flee from the J J Hospital here and since then he was on the run. C h a n d ra s wami flew to Dubai w ith Sanju, both of whom I received at the a i rp o rt.

When R&AW got some more information through phone calls intercepted in 2005, they recommended a reinvestigation. The reason Rajan gave for the murder was that Wahid had close connections with Dawood. His brother Akil was arrested in February 2019. A round the same time a police crack down virtually finished off Vardarajan, and with Mastaan and Karim Lala on the de cline, the Konkani Muslim gang led by Da wood emerged and was immediately locked in fierce combat with the Pathan gang led by younger associates of Karim Lala. Ru nning from the law is also an offence. It is the age of communication. Rohit was killed by Dawood Ibrahim's gang in 2000. I ll teach them a lesson even if I have pay with my life. H e is my nat i on's ene my and has to be taught a lesson. Three men, one of whom was Chhota Rajan’s trusted lieutenant Bunty Pandey, allegedly broke the wind-shield of Wahid’s car and fired 30 bullets during his drive from office at Bandra to his house around 9.30pm on that fateful day. They had, in fact, planned to throw me off a launch but I didn't go to that launch party I kept a distance after three of my associates were killed and finally left Dubai in July 1993. But don't ask me how because I will not spell it out. Q. Th e murder of Wah id, whose a irline is a llege d to be linked to Dawood, was one among a series that have j olted Bombay in a f res h wave of i nte r-g ang wa rfare, this time with Chhota Rajan in allia nce with Arun G aw li challenging Dawood. By now Bada Rajan had come into his own and it was to him and his young accomplice that D awood turned for help. Q. It wasn't a one-man operation. Why are you talking o f religion and Hindu-Muslim amity? They also collected details of the money paid to the killers for committing the murder. After being brought here, he was produced in a Mumbai court which remanded him in police custody till January 21. Sunil Malgorkar was arrested along with D'souza but was let off by the court for want of proper evidence. His men are hiding in Bombay and if we can penetrate Dubai too, which was once his unchallenged domain, then what kind of a don is he? He was Dawo o d 's financier in India. All of us in the underworld are hitmen.

He is not a man wo rth talking about. This article was originally published in onmanorama. Nor did the Dewan broth -ers-the Bombay-based builders who are alleged to be friends of D awo o d-wh o, Chhota Rajan claims, were instrumental in arranging the meeting between the don and the godman. Krishnan Nair - Founder of the Leela Palace Hotel.

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